About Us


Paul and Mary Beth Marsh began as investors in real estate in 2015.  14 single family and 3 multi-family investments later, and they have fallen in love with the business of real estate!  Thus, began their next journey: real estate sales.  The attraction for them both has been what has become a mission to find quality homes for buyers and renters, as well as to help those needing to sell. 

Paul and Mary Beth (MB), have found a good fit with a broker: Robert Meche, owner of Small World Realty.  While Small World is not a household name, the integrity and amazing knowledge of this broker was what attracted them.  

Having lived in Ft. Worth over 30 years, Paul and MB know the city and surrounding areas very well.  Because their single family investments range from Ft. Worth to Garland, and points in between, they are able to serve a diverse geographical area.  

Paul and MB love to see good things happen for others, and do everything within their power to provide the best service possible to their clients.  If you’re buying or leasing, selling or renting anywhere in the DFW metro area, Team MB+1 is the team for you!